June 29, 2006

Dione Beebe

My absolute favourite cinematographer right now is Australian Dion Beebe. There's a wonderful article about him over at the Sydney Morning Herald's website. Beebe won the Academy Award for Memoirs of a Geisha (ironically, the only work by Beebe that I don't like) and was nominated for Chicago. However, my favourite work of his is the digital photography of Michael Mann's Collateral and the high-wire eroticism of Jane Campion's In The Cut (the latter of which shocking didn't get awards notice for Beebe's work). I also think his work on Chicago was great as was the uglified Praise (even if I disliked the movie).

I am looking forward to seeing more Beebe images on Mann's latest Miami Vice. It still bums me out that he didn't get a nomination (let alone the win) for Collateral. Oh well...

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adam k. said...

Maybe the Memoirs win was partially a make up for the Collateral snub? It would help explain why it beat Brokeback and brought the Memoirs oscar count to 3.

Sigh. Always annoying when someone you love somehow gets recognized only for their least impressive work (see also Patty Clarkson in Pieces of April and, to a lesser extent, Samantha Morton in Sweet and Lowdown and In America