June 9, 2006

The scoop of Scoop

JoBlo reports Woody Allen's latest British escapade Scoop is to be released much sooner than everyone would have anticipated. The date of release is July 28. Yes, just over a month and a half away! They already had a trailer, but now it's Focus' task to actually get people to see the trailer by attaching it to movies.

I don't know of they're going the Match Point route or what, but they're opening it opposite Miami Vice and The Any Bully (and some other movie called John Tucker Must Die which I hate by default because i think Jonathan Tucker (the actor) is adorable and don't want him to die plz. Anyway, so I don't really know what Focus are doing with Scoop. They're giving themselves a mere month and a half to get the film out there while also opening it up opposite a very adult-skewing Vice.

One wonders though if Focus thinks it can strike while the Allen-iron is hot after (UMA award-winning and Top 10 placer) Match Point's Oscar nod and reserge in Woody Allen talk. Or, are they striking while the Hugh Jackman-iron is hot after the success of X3?

hmmm, we'll see. I'm hella excited though after watching the brilliance that was Match Point and the fact that the cast includes two of my current favourites (Scarlett and Hugh, and of course Woody himself, plus Ian McShane). But of course, a July 28 release for a Woody Allen movie may indeed mean we'll see it down here in, oh, maybe March 2007? Although Match Point did turn out to be Woody Allen's HIGHEST GROSSING MOVIE OF ALL TIME down here (they touted it in all the ads. "The highest grossing film of Woody Allen's career!") so maybe they'll actually get a clue this time? Oh well.

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