June 20, 2006


I know y'all have been extremely worried. I have been without computer since Wednesday. I tried to install my broadband (which I'm now using omg) after finally receiving my modem (which they initially failed to send me) and realised one of the drivers didn't work. I got it back today and then it still wouldn't work, and it turns out they had my user name as only have one N (as you should know, it's spelt with two and DON'T YOU FORGET IT) and all. But now, I finally got it working and I'm totally pumped.

I went to the Apple Trailer site and clicked on Marie-Antoinette's high definition trailer and man, it downloaded so fast. OMG. And Go Fug Yourself took all of 5 seconds to load as compared to 5 minutes.

So excited. Like the Pointer Sisters!

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Cluster Funk said...

Oh no you didn't just reference the Pointer Sisters (lol)!