June 14, 2006

12 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me (But Now You Do)

I'm bored. I finished the semester of school today after printing out 67 pages worth of assignments and handing them all in at once. Go me. I don't have anything I should be doing now, so I thought this could be fun. Of course I may have forgotten that I mentioned these things, but I don't think I have. And for my Geelong friends, you will most definitely know some of these things. Anyway. Let's get to it.

1. I am a huge Bruce Springsteen fan - True. I can't really explain it, considering I'm not one to really get into rock music (i like it well enough but not enough to become an obsessive fan). He is my second favourite music act ever (after Madonna of course) and I just love him to bits. Probably helps that he's honestly one of the sexiest men to ever grace this planet. I don't think anything beats his 1984 look from his classic album "Born in the USA" (probably my third favourite album of all time). I recently got sent The Complete Bruce Springsteen Video Collection on DVD and it was great watching them. He was so sexy in the videos for "I'm On Fire" and "Glory Days" not to mention wearing some of the tightest jeans ever in "Dancing in the Dark" (whilest dancing with Courtney Cox). Hell, he was even dreamy to look at in the "Streets of Philadelphia" video when he was 50 playing a homeless man. My favourite songs of Bruce's are "I'm On Fire", "Tunnel of Love", "Dancing in the Dark", "Human Touch", "Born in the USA", "Lonesome Day", "Nebraska" and "Lift Me Up". He's brilliant.

2. I have an incredible fear of bees and wasps - aagh, they scare the bejesus outta me. I can't stand being near them. If there's one flying around me I FREAK OUT. I even freaked out during that scene in X-Men 3: The Last Stand when Wolverine was crying at [I'm not that stupid]'s grave and randomly a bee starts flying around him. WHY WAS IT THERE?

3. I hate dairy - I just don't like the stuff, whether it be cheese or milk. Cheese in particular makes me wanna gag. For some reason it doesn't bother me on pizza though (although I hate it when it's just covered in the stuff). And I like ice-cream, but that doesn't taste like dairy. When I was in America, this aversion of mine was quite tricky to navigate through because everything over there seems to have cheese it on, on it, around it, floating in an orb above it, or whatever. What's. With all. The cheese?

4. My absolute favourite movie as a kid was 1986's Flight of the Navigator, directed by Randal Kleiser (Grease). Now, obviously I was only 1 when this movie was released in theatres, but I watched it a lot on good ol' VHS when I was a bit older. I recently got sent the DVD from BigPond (my netflix) and rewatched it and it holds up surprisingly well. Obviously I still loved it because I had some fond memories, but as a movie it was actually still really great. It's totally remake-able. Whatever happened to Joey Cramer though? I also think this movie is the reason I love Sarah Jessica Parker. She got ingrained into my brain at a young age, and that carried on. Plus, he nose is as big as her hair, what's not to love?

5. I think "Homogenic" is Björk's best album.

6. Blogger is currently being a bitch to me and not allowing me to add images properly. I will click 'Add Image' and do all the right stuff and then click 'Done' at the end, but no pictures will show up. It's very frustrating because it means I have to upload them to my PhotoBucket account which means I can't frame text around the images (like I did with the Bruce Springsteen one, which uploaded fine, but the Navigator one didn't, and neither others furst down.) it's a bitch and I really hate Blogger at times. *scowl*

7. I used to be crazy in love with both "Blossom" AND "The Nanny". That may help explain how I became the gay man that I am today, but having those two chose semi-raise me, it's a surprise how well-adjusted I turned out to be!

8. My only sibling is a brother who is 4.5 years older than me who looks absolutely ZERO like me. I don't think there have been two brothers who look so polar opposite than me and my brother. I'm glad I don't look like him though. OMG :P

9. I've always wished I had a friend with the last name Sanders so I could call them Colonel Sanders. I have a friend with the last name SAUNDERS, but it's just not the same.

10. I actually liked "Ooh Aah" by Tamara Jaber. Yes, I was the one person!

11. I'm currently experimenting with drinking lots of water. I'm trying to drink 2 litres a day, but I don't usually get that far, but I'm trying to drink at least 1.5litres a day. So far it's going pretty good and there's only been a few days where I just haven't felt like drinking water. The way I manage it (for y'all who don't think you get enough) is that I have a 1 litre bottle (Fiji brand, a bottle i purchased in America omg) and whenever I watch a movie on DVD or TV I try and finish that by the end of the movie. I usually like something while watching a movie so it's an easy to make myself drink it "Get it done by the end of the movie!" and then I try to have a bottle around whenever I can (at work I can usually get through a litre, at school too) and so I think it's going well. I'm not a very active person (I don't really play sport) though so it doesn't really matter if I don't drink water like a sober sailor, but... yeah. I have so many empty bottles everywhere. There's a few in the kitchen, one out in the living room, and about seven in my bedroom. Crazy. The unfortunate thing is though that it means I have to pee A LOT, which isn't great at 1am, 1.20am, 2am, 2.30am and 3.40am, etc.

12. I enjoy cooking.

Do you feel like we're BFF now??


Ramification said...

Something no one knows about me : my favorite film as a kid was The NeverEnding Story .... its fun to share!

Kamikaze Camel said...

That giant flying dog thing freaks me out, but ya know what freaks me out more.

Jack Black in The NeverEnding Story Part III.

Ramification said...

Really, I love the flying dog ... and that ending .... you know I never saw the sequels!


You don't just "think it", because HOMOGENIC is Björk's best record.



adam k. said...

I love the Neverending Story. I even loved the Neverending Story part 2 as a kid... I made my parents get it for me for my 7th birthday party, even though it wasn't yet out on video.

But when I later rented part 3, I was like "what is this shit?" Awful. I didn't even realize Jack Black was in it. Ugh.