May 25, 2006

To Broadband or Not to Broadband

So, I have to pay the bill for my dial-up internet access in a few days. It's $110 for 6 months of unlimited. However, I only have to pay $70 cause they are still paying me back from all the hassles we had when we moved house and got given a long distance dial-up number instead of a local and hence got a phone bill much over the usual number.

Anyway, so I rang them up to pay via my credit card but when I was hold they suckered me in with the "why not ask our staff about our great broadband options"... so i did. Turns out it's $49.95 per month for unlimited downloads on 256kb (or whatever that number is) and if I go on a 24 month contract I don't have to pay the $120 set up fee or the $90 modem fee.

...$50 a month is pretty good I think. Plus, now that I have my minor second job (writing music reviews for a street press. $10 per 500 words) I should have an extra $50 odd dollars per month.

...I think I'm gonna do it. Or maybe not. eep. I dunno. It's totally a big commitment.

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