May 30, 2006


What is everyone getting all antsy at X-Men 3 for? Seriously, I think people who seem to have a big grudge against it were never going to like it. What is it exactly about the third one that is so WILDLY DIFFERENT as to say it's horrible? I don't get it.

And if I hear one more person say Bryan Singer really understood these characters I'm gonna punch someone. Give me a break. He cared as much about these characters as he does about Superman.

Yes, Brett Ratner isn't the best director around but what was so much different in this one than the second film? How did Ratner show contempt towards these characters? How was the dialogue here any worse than in the other two ("what happens to a toad struck my lightning? Same as everything else" <-anyone?!), how are the performances any less, how are the action scenes that worse than the other two?

Don't get me wrong, I didn't like this more than X2, but found it about on par with the original. From where I stand, it's not significantly better or worse than the others. It's perfectly fine.

Seriously, I can't pinpoint exactly why it's so bad. I can understand comic book fans getting upset because the Phoenix story is so big, but seriously y'all - i KNOW not every single person out there reads the comics. So the only conclusion I can come up with is that people just don't like Brett Ratner and can't see through their obvious bias. In fact, the only major annoyance for me was that the character of Mystique was given short change. But some people out there are annoyed that secondary characters like Jugganaut didn't get enough time. Well, shucks, considering he's not a main character, i wonder why that would be. Blah. Whatever, I'm over discussing this moot point. Some people are just overly melodramatic idiots. B


David Shultz said...

Haha, wow. Well, I really do feel that Bryan Singer is a stronger director than Brett Retner. And though I wasn't an enormous fan of the first X-men installment, I was a much bigger fan of the second for a few reasons: it felt balanced with character, subtext, and action, and as a result it felt both thoughtful and very exciting. I didn't find this installment to be either. Characters were introduced and forgotten in the space of five minutes. I figure the first source of these problems is the director, as with any movie that's not too well-made. I think he was just in over his head with this one. There's a lot of ground to cover, and he just didn't cover it well. The writing certainly didn't help, but the writing never helped too much, though I thought it was improved considerably in the second installment.

I am a big fan of the comic books, and the way they handled the Phoenix saga was a bit annoying considering the build-up of her character in the final shot of X2. However, that was definitely not the main problem with the film. I simply didn't enjoy myself. Also, the subtext was completely confused and worked against itself, which bothered me a bit.

RC said...

i did like bryan's direction better...but i thought this film was better than the 1st...

the 2nd one is my favorite for sure.

But yea, this film was fun and I liked it.

--RC of

Kamikaze Camel said...

"Characters were introduced and forgotten in the space of five minutes."

Happened in the first two as well.

See, as a reader of the comics I can easily see how people would hate it (though for me it would unclear) but outside of that I don't really see how people can complain about certain things when they were there throughout the first two as well. It seemed as fun and mutanty as the others, so I don't see the big deal.

Anonymous said...

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