May 30, 2006

DVD Madness

I was bored in town today waiting to head off to school so naturally I went and shopped. I bought two DVDs.

How much do I love this movie? A whole freakin' lot, that's how much! *sigh* all so good. It probably helps that I saw this when I was 16 and it just affected me. Loves it! Every edition of this movie has no special features and I saw it today for $12 so I got it. I need this in my collection.

David Lynch's most misunderstood movie? Perhaps. I adore this flick. It's a raw beast of a movie and I love every second. It's sick and twisted and FUCKED UP. My favourite moment? Diane Ladd getting a little too appliable with the red lipstick! This edition has a whole bunch of extra features as opposed to the edition I already had. It was only $20 so that's cheap.

And a few weeks ago I purchased these:
Er... do I really need to explain this one? No. No I do not. (plus, it was $15. CHEAP)

Aww, this movie is great. Not as good as Amelie or City of Lost Children and possible Delicatesson (er, all Jean-Pierre Jeunet films) but still wonderful. I occasionally find myself wanting to watch this movie and it was $15 so I got it. Bargain, bitches.

I saw this for $40 and that seems pretty cheap for three movies, two of which i loved and another i found moderally entertaining. Shakespeare is classic, y'all. Some haters can't accept that the Academy don't always feel like giving the gold to a war movie and for once thought the entertaining literary romantic comedy was better. Fact. It was! Pride & Prejudice found surprising Oscar-love althought it didn't win (it should've won at least two) it was great! I loved this way more than I expected to. Phantom? Well, it's pretty! Love the costumes (how did they not get nominated for Oscar?) and the sets and I like a couple of the tunes (well, they're Andrew Lloyd Webber, are the actually tunes?) and set-pieces. More of a "I feel like watching that scene" movie than a "I feel like sitting down for two hours and watching that entire movie" movie. Ya know? Yeah, I know you.

Now, I'm outta here. Ciao, bellas.

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RC said...

i agree w/ your thoughts on shakespeare in love.

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