May 14, 2006

One Awesome Mother

The things this woman did!

(Happy Mothers Day if that's your thing)

I have to do homework today, bah. Tomorrow I have to go to court and give evidence at a trial!!! Yeah, a theft trial but a trial nonetheless. And I'm getting picked up by the cop in charge and he'll be in his cop car and stuff and it'll be hot (like him). When I was in New York and chatting to Nathaniel I made my theories about hot policemen known and luckily for me, the one in charge of this case is a major hottie. Yay for me! Everyone else at work thinks so too! I clearly am the best (...?)

Tomorrow I also need to go to the Forte Magazine offices and pick up my first batch of CDs to review. I now get paid $10 per 500 words to write tiny CD/Single reviews. I just continue to rock.

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