May 20, 2006

All That Jazz (1979, dir. Fosse)

How great is this movie? The acting is astonishingly good, the musical scenes are some of the best ever, the technicals are all ace, the writing is supurb. This movie is literally my idea of perfection. It is powerful, magical, joyous, life-affirming, funny, dramatic and a spectacle of the highest order. On the big screen it is even better (who'dve guessed that?) Just... man, perfect. A+

And just a quick link. That article is a bit odd. How come they discuss how race is such an issue with the casting and that so many of the cast are african-american yet not one single mention that one of the lead's, the one with arguably the most dramatic arc, and the one who is winning all the awards is... ASIAN.

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David Shultz said...

Wowzers, I love that movie. Don't know why it didn't make my top 100.