April 26, 2006

The 100 Best Performances of the 2000's - #1


I'm not going to say much about this one. In fact, I'm going to leave it at a mere single word.


And with that, the countdown is complete. I am about to do another entry with stats and all that fun stuff, so enjoy. For now, bask in the wonderment that is Naomi Watts in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive.


par3182 said...


Cal said...

Yes. Pretty much incredible. I can't really say much more about it lol.

adam k. said...

She is great here, it's true.

And may I just pat myself on the back. Top 5 correct from the beginning... but with these countdown thingies, there are always only so many choices left by the time you get way up there. But still, I rule.

Emma said...


Kamikaze Camel said...

pfft, you had Hoffman as your #1, you can't "Eh" me! lol, j/k

And yes, well done Adam. Although you didn't pick Allen until just recently! Would you have even thought of Collette if I hadn't teased the countdown with her?

adam k. said...

Ha. The point is that I thought of all 5, in the correct order, before any of them went up. I rule.

Yes, I would've thought of Collette, since it is after all a highly acclaimed aussie lead performance.

And yeah, I knew Naomi from WAAAAY back. Word.

Ali said...

Can't argue with this. I don't think she will ever top this performance (especially considering her recent output).

Kamikaze Camel said...

lol, Naomi will NEVER repeat this. It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing I think.

And yeah, Naomi being #1 shoulda been obvious to anyone who's seen the film. How sad that only three of my top 10 were nominated for Academy Awards. And none of them won. None from my Top 5 got nominated. Sad.