March 1, 2006

Various Stuff

-Man, how much do I love Girls Aloud? SO MUCH. I just downloaded a mash-up of Girls Aloud's "The Show" (aka awesome song) with Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty". So awesome. But what would you expect? God, Girls Aloud kick ass.

-I'm almost going to be able to present my Best of 2005 shiz. I am seeing Match Point tomorrow night, Rent next Tuesday (cheap Tuesday!), History of Violence is released next week and I'm gonna hire a few more 2005 movies between now and then. I have The Beat That My Heart Skipped sitting on the DVD player.

In the last few days I have seen the following 2005 films and will comment on them later. Cinderella Man, Mrs Henderson Presents, Capote, Palindromes, Serenity and Dark Water.

-Found this article in The Age last week and have been meaning to post it. This is good news for Australian film.

Projects on the go
Eight low-budget features have been selected for the Australian Film Commission's IndiVision Project Lab. The films will move into production at the end of development workshops involving prominent international and local filmmakers. Lion's Teeth is an all-Melbourne project by producer Lawrence Johnson, director and co-writer Jo Kennedy and co-writer Christine Rogers. Other projects are: The Bridge (producer Heather Phillips, director Owen Johnson); Moving South (producer Robyn Kershew, director Kate Woods); Ten Empty (producer Naomi Wenck, director Anthony Hayes; The Big Jesus (producer Clare Sawyer, writer-director Alistair Reid); Angry Young Man (producer Ross Howden, writer-director Antonio Orea Barlin); Godless (producer Jeff Pursue, director Vincent Giarrusso) and Running Wild (producer Kath Shelper, writer-director Ruth Carr).

As much as some people hate Australian film, it's great that we're getting a lot of features produced lately, and from newcomers too. Always welcome. I'm not just doing this because of the thing Nathaniel is doing. I'm geniunely interested, as you should have figured from my frequent entries about Australian film.

-YAY! Jamie Foxx's performance in Ray is apparently IMDb voters' eighth favourite Best Actor performance out of the last ten years. That makes me happy because I hated that movie and I didn't like Jamie's performance all that much either. When I clicked on the poll I thought i'd see him at #1. So... yay!

-This is so sad.

1. Madea's Family Reunion
2. Eight Below
3. The Pink Panther
4. Date Movie
5. Curious George

that's the top five movies at the US box-office this past weekend. Lower your heads in shame and lament the sad sorry state of movies. Not that Australia's is that much better. Box-office in Australia this week fell to


JavierAG said...

I love your interest for your national cinema. I think we should all care about our movies from home.

The latest Aussie gem I saw was "Rabbit Proof-Fence". One of the most visually stunning movies I've ever seen.

Kamikaze Camel said...

aah, yes. Rabbit-Proof Fence was indeed one our greatest. Was in my Top 5 of that year. THAT is the movie that Christopher Doyle had the best shot of being Oscar nominated too. alas...

JavierAG said...

The cinematography for this movie is in my Top 3 of the decade so far (the others are "Hero" and "City of God").