February 28, 2006


Another Australian film gets an extremely pathetic release in the states.

Otherwise debuting fare failed to spark including respective grosses of $23,200 from four playdates and $5,100 in three exposures for the acclaimed non-fiction pictures Unknown White Male and Street Fight. The gritty Australian award-winning drama Little Fish received a wide berth with a $5,400 box office from a single site. And Bollywood entry Taxi No. 9211 limped to $61,300 from 36 theaters on the circuit.


They really should've done something different. If a decent distributer had it they could've even made a legit Oscar-run for Cate Blanchett (actress) and Hugo Weaving (supporting actor). They play drug users, and in Hugo's case, a homosexual drug addict! Instead this distrib released it in March in one cinema...? that makes no sense. First Wolf Creek got screwed and now this. I hope Look Both Ways doesn't get this sort of treatment.

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