February 9, 2006

Top 5

Before I start can I just mention that Brokeback Mountain has entered the IMDb's Top 250 chart... at #250. hah.

Top 5 Sexiest Male Nominees
(obviously this list can't include any of those "faceless" people cause... well, i don't know what they look like)

1. Jake Gyllenhaal (Best Supporting Actor, Brokeback Mountain)

2. Dan Futterman (Best Adapted Screenplay, Capote)

3. Matt Dillon (Best Supporting Actor, Crash)

4. Bennett Miller (Best Director, Capote)

5. Heath Ledger (Best Actor, Brokeback Mountain)

(Honourable Mentions - Joaquin Phoenix, George Clooney, Terrance Howard)

Dan Futterman's gay right? I didn't know whether to put Bennett on there because all the pictures he looks sorta different but the picture below makes him look like na absolute spunk, so I put him on. You know what's annoying about Joaquin? Sometimes he is SO good looking (i think it's when he's all done up in a suit) yet when I was googling him none really "got" me. There are some men that are just so much better looking when in suits! Speaking of Dillon - he gets so much better looking with age, don't ya think?

Bennett Miller - I'm picturing dirty thoughts of him and Dan spending "quality time" together on the set

I got the inspiration for this top 5 whilest watching Urbania last night. The movie that just so happens to star out #2 Dan Futterman. God, he's sexy. That MOVIE is sexy (or, well, parts of it). So fucked up as well. It kind of got too bogged down towards the end, but that's alright. It was a great little movie. I suppose it shouldn't bother me that it nosedives into fantasy at the end considering the whole movie was fantasy basically. Oh, and Alan Cumming was actually funny! B+

Seeing Walk the Line tonight after tea with Hannah and Georgie (my two best friends). It's Georgie's birthday today and Hannah's on Saturday. That's so annoying.


Emma said...

Hey. I was just looking at all your past posts, and dang, Bennett is like, so fine. Jake is so sexy too. And yeah, I think that Joaquin is fine sometimes but ugly others. Yeah, Terrence Howard is kind of cute too. Oooh... Danny Futterman! And Heath, of course.

So that's that. :D

Emma said...

Oh My God... Bennett and Dan doing the Brokeback Mountain... that would be very, very sexy.