February 9, 2006

Friends Quiz's

hah hah HAH?

You are Ashley's friend ROSS! You're a bad boy, but

that's what I like about you. Maybe if you

stopped getting so fuckin drunk all the time

you'd be able to score better with the

ladies. But, I was very impressed at your

ability to maintain a solid erection after

taking three ecstasy pills and drinking a

carton of beer. Nice work! P.S - sorry I

ripped your foreskin.

www.quizilla.com/redirect...20you%3F"> Which one of Joanna's sexual partners are you?
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Is it cause I had sex in a car that one time? I totally don't get that drunk and I've never even had ecstacy. That quiz is totally wrong. Joanna's a great chick though! She has sex with some hot guys.

Billy (being the sheep that he is) did one as well. It was not as fun. And lame too. Mainly cause Eli Marienthal is so fuckin' annoying.

You and Tucker have never met, but he does like to

stalk you on Facebook and post pictures of

you at various messageboards. You'll always

have a spot in his heart, even if you make

crap tastic movies

Which one of Tucker's crazy obsessions are you?
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Man Eli is hottie. You like kissing straight boys - - - bet you'd loooove to kiss Eli. Me too.