February 17, 2006

Internet, oh glorious Internet

I've been without the internet for 2 whole days now, and it was sort of shocking!

On Wednesday night I rolled my ankle!!! I couldn't walk for a lot of Thursday so I watched a couple of movies. Woody Allen's Manhattan and Catherine Hardwicke's thirteen, which I've been meaning to see since it came out, but never got around to.

thirteen (2003, dir. Hardwicke) was really good. Loved the performances and the visual style of it all. However, maybe it's just because I don't live in America that I sort of didn't get into it as much as I could've. I think it's because in American kids grow up faster so the stage the characters were in in the movie felt like around fifteen. But 'tev. Still a really good movie. B+

Manhattan (1979, dir. Allen)... what can I say about Manhattan? I've always had this extremely romanticised vision of New York City so when Woody's character opens the film with a spiel about romanticising New York alongside those beautiful images of black and white New York, I knew I was in heaven. Just excellent filmmaking here. What a screenplay! Just phenomenal. The look of the film is amazing, i love it so much. A

Then later that night my dad came over and we went to see Syriana (2005, dir. Gaghan) and... it was pretty good. Not as good as Traffic but that's Soderbergh and this is Gaghan. Performances were all decent, Alexander Siddig gets my best in show honours (George Clooney is sort of just there). THe thing that impressed me the most was the score, and surprise surprise - the score is by Alexandre Desplat. My fave film composer of the moment. Loved it. Why can't Amanda Peet get a big meaty role though? B-



glad to see the A for Manhattan. A+ more accurate but still ;)

adam k. said...

Yeah Manhattan is choice, and Thirteen is pretty awesome, too.

I am really annoyed that Desplat has still not been oscar-nominated, even when his films always get attention. And I find it highly ironic and kind of sick, really, that even though the globes have given him two noms now (yay!), the one film they passed him up for was BIRTH (NOOOOOO...).

Anonymous said...

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