February 13, 2006

Heath Explains

Okay, so this article over at Oscar Watch explains the whole was Heath drunk/was Heath being insensitive/are Brokeback Babies being rediculous debate. He was nervous, had not received the script and all that jazz. Makes sense.

However, the bit that got me laughing was when they mention that Heath did this heinous act infront of a world wide audience. World wide audience? It's not even an America wide audience. Maybe 20mil world wide. I can't imagine any more than that, really.

And it's weird that Oscar voters would be turned off by Heath's attitude, yet would vote for Phillip Seymour Hoffman and/or Paul Giamatti when they obviously don't care about their appearance and Giamatti doesn't seem to care about even giving a half-decent speech (looking at the microphone, constantly putting his hand through his hair, mumbling and not even doing the top buttons of his shirt up).