January 12, 2006

Wow, letters to the editor

For the first time I have actually responded to a letter to the editor in the newspaper. I usually can't believe some of the shit people write in, but someone wrote in about Brokeback Mountain and I felt compelled to reply.

The original letter

More Gay Propaganda
I applaud the cinemas in the US and Fred Nile for their stance on such a blatant display of homosexuality in the coming release of the film Brokeback Mountain.

Heath Ledger calls them immature for taking such a stance. But how much more homosexual propaganda can we take from a minority who continually push their agendas of promiscuous sex on our society.

I am not homophobic. I have had gay and lesbian friends, and I also happen to be a Christian.

But I also don't agree that the affairs of the homosexual minority have to be glorified in a Hollywood Film.
John Santos, Sydenham.

My responde:

Not to break it to John Santos (‘More Gay Propaganda’, Jan 12 2006), but having gay and lesbian friends (or as he says, "has had" - does he not have them anymore?) doesn't stop you from being homophobic.

Any person who thinks one movie such as Brokeback Mountain should be banned for glorifying "the affairs of the homosexual minority" is indeed homophobic.

This so-called "blatant display of homosexuality" can only be seen as a positive not only for members of the GLBT community, but also for film-lovers who can finally see a romance that not only involves two gay men, but that is played completely serious without an ounce of comic-relief, which is indeed a change for the better.

And if John Santos would wait until he saw the film (or - and this is a novel idea - read the short story the film is based on) you would realise that the main characters of Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist are the furthest thing from "promiscuous" and their apparent "agenda" is about as non-existant as one can be.

How about *all* the knockers of this film actually see the film before they condemn it and it's, ahem, homosexual propaganda.
Glenn Dunks, Belmont

god, some people are annoying. I love how he said he wasn't homophobic but then carried on about how homosexuality shouldn't be seen in our society because we are a minority and we have a promoscuous sex agenda... or something like that. What a wanker.

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