January 12, 2006

Memoirs of HILARITY!


I've always thought MadTV was hilarious (the glory days when they had the 100% perfect cast is gone now however, but it's still guaranteed to supply a bunch of hearty laughs and a few "should I be laughing at this?" sorta jokes) and here is further evidence.

"A story like mine has never been told... well, that's not true. This is just another movie about a poor but beautiful girl turned into a hooker, but this time she's... ASIAN!!!"

BRILLIANT, i tellsya. Brilliant.

Also, I have regained faith in Joan Allen! She's won three critics prizes in the last week plus the nominations and wins she already had. We can hope that last minute voters (like Adam Elliot - read further down) will go for it. OOh, the excitement is killing me.

A while back I said I hoped this Oscar course didn't go as predictably as it had been, and boy has it been unpredictable. It doesn't LOOK it but movies like Munich, Memoirs and Kong falling off. Movies like 2046 delivering some choice critics prizes. Movies like Capote unexpectedly reaping big rewards. Hmm...



Ali said...

Oh god, that was absolutely amazing. Thank you for making my day. The scenes where she's swirling in the snowflakes was priceless!!

Kamikaze Camel said...

I know! Choking on the fake snow is hilarious. And the giggling in the blossoms. priceless, indeed.