January 29, 2006

Well that's a relief

'Toy Story 3' Scrapped

Pixar and Disney have announced they have cancelled plans to make a third installment of the popular Toy Story movies. Studio executives decided the script wasn't up to the standard the previous movies had set and didn't want to make the film with a less than stellar storyline, according to Moviehole.net. The third installment would have featured animated toy astronaut Buzz Lightyear getting recalled to Taiwan after a series of malfunctions.

This was the one to be made by Disney and not Pixar. I'm so glad. Still mulling over Oscar predix. One thing I did not know. The fantabulous The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello is elligable for Best Animated Short. Hazzah! I hope it's nominated. That'd be three Australian nominations in that category in three years after last year's Birthday Boy and the previous year's Harvey Krumpet, which as we all know actually won the big golden boy.

Found this great look at the Indie releases of 2006. Includes such bound-to-be-great titles as Manderlay (Lars Von Trier), For Your Consideration (Christopher Guest), The Science of Sleep (Michel Gondry) and the already brilliant Look Both Ways. Be like Beyonce, and check on it (I heart that song)