January 8, 2006

Titanic (again)

Watched Titanic again, this time in full. It only now just struck me (as I haven't watched it in full for a few years) that literally more than half of the movie is devoted to the crash. It seems that a lot of people think it's all about Leo and Kate and that the crash and sinking it just maybe the last third, but really it's the whole second half. Or, at least on the new DVD it's the entire second disc and the last part of the first.

God, it's such a good movie. It's a shame we won't see anything like it for a while. A big all-encompassing romantic epic. Studios are more interested in making $200mil special effects extravaganzas ala King Kong. I much prefer when money is spent on other things as well, such as sets and costumes and the like. It is strange that studios don't make more straight out romance movies. Because, it seems like the good ones are always guaranteed of box-office. There's a reason why Titanic and Ghost and others like that are some of the highest grossers. And I believe that is the reason why this year's Walk the Line has made more money than last year's Ray - the romance. Whatever. Back to Titanic

Plus, I enjoy it much more now because I'm older and I can invest more. I actually tear up towards the end and then when Rose is all "I'll never let go" (alas, she does let go) and then starts blowing on that whistle. it's more of a "She WILL go on" type of thing, but whatevs. YOU DON'T KNOW ME!

But, still, I think in my list of top 10 movie moments of ALL TIME is definitely the sinking of the ship. And not the entire hour long sequence, but the moment from when the ship snaps in half. One heads directly to the bottom, the other half gets sent on a rollercoaster ride. Up, down, up and then ultimately - for the last time - down. Some of those swooping camera shots and just phenomenal. A-

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