January 5, 2006

PGA and WGA Announce

Well, I did pretty alright!

Brokeback Mountain
Good Night & Good Luck
Walk the Line

I got 4/5 here. I had King Kong instead of Capote which I didn't see coming with the PGA. But I still don't see this film as a Best Picture contender. I just don't... not that I've seen the movie or anything, but whatever. I'm glad I dissed Munich. Not even as an alternate! Yay for me!

The 40-Year-Old Virgin
Cinderella Man
Good Night & Good Luck
The Squid & The Whale

I got 3/5 here, but I was definitely on the right track with one of them! I correctly got the three that everyone would've got (GN&GL, Crash, Squid) but missed on the other two. I had predicted Shane Black's underseen and underappreciated Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and instead they went with the other critics-comedy The 40-Year-Old Virgin. I also had something else instead of Cinderella Man. Match Point, I believe. Walk the Line is an odd exclusion considering the WGA is usually easier to get a nomination from if you're movie is an expected Oscar player for Best Picture. Hmmm...

Brokeback Mountain
The Constant Gardener
A History of Violence

Yay for me for predicting A History of Violence. As I said before, they've shown appreciation towards graphic novel adaptions before so why not this one? So happy for Gardener. Capote is now firming up for this category at the Oscars as well (whod've thunk Dan Futterman would be an Oscar Nominee?). Syriana...? Hmmm. I never really clicked with that movie for anything other than supporting actor, but i suppose this could happen. I had Pride & Prejudice instead. Oh well. Maybe the Academy will realise the excellence of that screenplay?! God I hope so.

Oh well. That's all for now.

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