January 28, 2006

Lesbians Rule The Planet

Amelie Mauresmo won the Australia Open Women's Single Tournament! Yay for her. Lovely. Even though Justine Henin-Hardenne had to retire (the third player to retire whilest playing Mauresmo. Odd). Still, 'tev. I like Mauresmo. How many gay tennis players ARE there?

I've been working so much this week. And on Wednesday night I got quite blind. Ran into a friend from primary school and hung out with him for ages. Woke up in a guy's house (NOT like that) and left before anyone else woke up (it was like a one night stand without the sex). Going out again tonight. Free piss at Tom's 18th. Hazzah! I have four days with no work so I'm gonna do my final mulling and post my final predix for the Oscar nods (I'm totally staying up on Tuesday night to watch Today to see the announcement even though Today is on a 2 hour delay (or something like that) and then (most likely) spend hours the next day discussing this that and the other. I'm gonna throw some real oddities in there (possible predictions from me - Gwyneth Paltrow, Thandie Newton, Wong Kar-Wai, Batman Begins for Screenplay).

I suppose I'll also make time for Anatomy of Hell - Catherine Breillat's most recent dullsville sex-fest starring a former porn star. I received it in the main yesterday. But, still, the movie's IMDb page lists characters known as "Blowjob Lover #1" and "Blowjob Lover #2" so it could be SLIGHTLY entertaining unlike RomanceX and Fat Girl.

BTW, I officially hate America - and for completely silly and superfluous reasons. (Manderlay is released this week over there.)

I'm seeing Brokeback on Tuesday. Hopefully Good Night & Good Luck (which finally arrived in my city) some time as well. Yay. Good movies at last.

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