December 5, 2005

You know what I just realised?

If either Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Being Julia had been released this year - their leading lady would have won.

Or, I think they would have.


adam k. said...

Not necessarily. It's easy to just to an "if only" conclusion with these things, but there are plenty of performance this year that might look irresistable at award time, and might have beaten Kate or Annette anyway. Huffman, Allen, and Witherspoon are all looking strong.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Okay, maybe not Kate. But I definitely think Annette would've had it.

But what a battle would it have been with Allen, Bening and Winslet in the mix. Three ladies with something like 11 nominations between them and 0 wins.

Ali said...

I think Imelda would have been a formidable threat for the win last year had Swank not factored into the race. 3 noms for Vera Drake and only 1 for Being Julia... It would have been a nail-biter to the end - Bening with the owed sentimental vote and Staunton with the raves on her side.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Well, it's not like Annette didn't have a bunch of glowing reviews to her credit either.

It's just that the film wasn't the best.

If Hilary were a non-factor last year, then... well... immense possibilities (Uma being nominated for one)

adam k. said...

Yeah, I curse M$B to this day. If it had just never been finished in time, then:

-Marty would have an oscar
-Annette (or Kate or Imelda) would have an oscar
-Uma would have been nominated
-either Clive Owen or Thomas Hayden Church would've won supporting actor
-there would have been much more suspense in both aforementioned acting categories
-Swank would not have more oscars than Meryl Streep


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