December 5, 2005

Whoa. I just had a thought.

My NBR Top 10 (which i didn't rank) included Batman Begins. But I think I've had a change of heart and am wanting to change it to another movie. But not something like The White Countess or something like that. Instead, I am going to change it to...


I don't know why. I just had one of those random flashes of thoughts about the awards season. I had a feeling the other day (i mentioned it on here) that Sin City was going to get nominated by someone somewhere for something biggish (and I don't mean Mickey Rourke for Supp. Actor at the Golden Satellites,lol). I really don't know why. But... i just had a feeling. Plus, it's Miramax.

Another silly thought that is more out of amusement than actual belief.

I was just looking around on Oscar Watch's FYC gallaries and found one for Batman Begins and I didn't know that the score is attributed to both Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. Now, we all know that the Academys music section likes to keep it insular, so they could shoot two birds with one stone by nominating Batman Begins for Original Score. It would let them reward Zimmer and Howard and leave a space for someone else (two scores by John Williams? lol).

...hmmm. ponderous (but not really).