December 12, 2005


I just watched a movie on DVD (or, i finished it an hour ago) and I cannot stop thinking about it. I had such a powerful visceral reaction to the movie. I am confident that it is complete and utter brilliance and that is it instantly an all-time fave. I wasn't expected it - in fact, I didn't know what to expect. I figured it'd be good considering what I've heard about it from certain Internet bloggers.

I ended up getting so much more. I fell in love from the very first seconds. With that oh-so-Angelo Badadementi score (that wasn't actually by him) and that haunted images. And what progressed was just utterly captivating brilliance. Nothing else can describe it.

The movie?


Wow. Has their ever been a movie so ahead of it's time AND behind the times at the same time as this? Ahead of it's time because, well, it's as relevant today as it was back then. Even more so considering our penchant for technology. And also, whod've thought in 1995 that the 80s would be so in again. And it was behind the times because it's visual and aural aesthetic is completely taken from the 80s that, i'm not sure about this though, that it may have been perceived the wrong way.

I LOVED the visual aspect of the movie. In fact, after about 15 minutes I had completely forgotten the movie was actually from 1995 and not 1987 like it is set. It all was so right. And that score! Haunting and masterful, what ever happened to Ed Tomney? Why didn't he become a mainstay like Mr Badalamenti? Oh well.

Still, I'll need to check it out again to give it the grade i immediately wanted to give it. But right now. A

I saw another movie recently that I gave an A to. Paris, Texas. God, what a fantastic movie. Why didn't that receive any Oscar nominations? So bizarre. But not as bizarre as the Golden Globes nominating it for Best Foreign Film.

I wonder when the Golden Globes stopped allowing foreign films to be nominated in their Best Picture categories. because I found that Three Colours: Blue was nominated for Best Picture, Drama in 1993. Yet nowadays they can't. Strange.

You know what's no brilliant? Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Hannah came over last night after I finished work and we watch this. It was... whatever. Low grade Disney trash. C. After that I had a three hour chat with Tony aka THE FUNNIEST GUY I KNOW. You'd never know it from his demeanor (17-year-old depressed alcoholic), but damn. FUNNY.


adam k. said...

Safe is indeed f***ing brilliant. I'm thinking of buying the DVD, but that's a lot of money. Still, I'd watch it all the time as background to other things. It's so still and quiet and... brilliant. In that "we know we won't get oscar nominations even if we held the voters at gunpoint, so let's just do our own thing and be off-the-deep-end brilliant" sort of way. Awesome film.

Anonymous said...

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