December 29, 2005

Top 5 News Stories of 2005

1. The Tsunami
Well, really. Need I say anything, other than this tapped into something that in my 20 years (well, 19 at the time) only 9/11 had tapped into. It made me want to cry and (no offence ya'll) anyone claiming Hurricane Katrina was worse needs to get their head out of their ass (cheers, non?). Bound to be over 300,000 deaths and the destruction of so much... it was a horrible event.

2. London Bombings
Just a frightening ordeal. Barbaric and terrifying and it's just scary to think that this could very well happen anywhere in the world - and I have no doubt that it will happen in my part in the next couple of years.

3. Shapelle Corby Sentenced to 20 Years
This woman will do down in Australian lore. The woman who was arrested for bringing in an entire boogey-board bags worth of marijuana into Bali and was told relentlessly that she was going to be found guilty and sentenced to death by firing squad. She WAS found guilty, but only sentenced to 20 years (later reduced to 15). The twist is nobody seems to know the truth - did she or didn't she. The investigation was bungled (they didn't fingerprint the case with the marijauna in it, nor are there security tapes of the baggage handling) and now there are photographs of Ms Corby associating with a known drug dealer. Not since Lindy Chamberline has Australia been so caught up in one woman's fate. One of the only moments in my life that I can remember people stopping in the middle of the street to watch televisions in shop windows, waiting to hear the outcome of her case.

4. Bali Bombed... again
Crikies. AGAIN! And this time there was even that scary video of the bomb detonating in the restaurant that is just sort of surreal.

5. Hurrican Katrina, ya'll
These natural disasters devestate the American coastline, but doesn't kill nearly 300,000 people (yeah, you heard me). But, still, it is just horrible horrible stuff there. Anyone unmoved by those images needs to get themselves checked out. George W. Bush consequently dies a horrible death, and Kanye West stands up. Foreigners getting preyed upon by raping murderers is just one of the worst stories I can remember from it all. Oh, but Harry Connick Jr got some great press ya'll.

er, Honourary Mentions:
-Michael Jackson (apparently) doesn't molest children. But has a celebrity sunk so low as this man has in recent years?
-Industrial Relations... oy. I feel my internal organs hurting (but I won't get sick pay)
-Mark Latham Implodes and Explodes at the same time
LOL!!! It was like watching a car crash. You can't turn away, but it's of so god-awful to watch. Nasty!
-Live8 tries to take over the world... and sorta fails (but it was entertaining!)
-Brokeback Mountain becomes one the movie important films of the last decade and could actually win Best Picture at the Oscars
-The Pope died, which is sorta sad even though I'm not remotely religious - but he was a nice Pope. The new one looks creepy as hell.
-Makybe Diva. I may not be the biggest horse racing fan, but I know a never-to-be-seen-again feet when I see it. And this was one of them.
-Sydney beaches turn feral. Australia all the worse for it.
-Australia's laughably inept government finally announces they deported multiple people incorrectly throughout the years. Disabled Marie Alvarez sees her family for the first time in 5 years.

And for the superficial pop-culture obsessive I am:

-My two favourite husbands, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, decide to make a movie together with Christopher Nolan and are then joined by one of my three fave ladies at the moment, Scarlett Johansson. + Michael Caine for added support. I salivate for thee.
-Mariah Carey. Who knew?
-David Lynch announces he's been secretly working on a film entitled INLAND EMPIRE (caps essential, apparently) starring Laura Dern (the re-ascention hopefully!) and Harry Dean Stanton amongst others
-Star Wars franchise FINALLY ends... but as soon as it does, we hear that they're planning a tv series, more animated series, books, etc... it will never end (and we're all the worse)
-King Kong faulters initially at the box-office - deservedly so. It ain't THAT good.
-Russell Crowe throws phones and hosts awards shows in the same year. To surprisingly good results (the latter).
-Tom Cruise and his beard (read: Katie Holmes - his ACTUAL facial beard is too gross. IT'S CALLED A RAZOR, TOM!) become freaks and national sideshows. Hilarity ensued.
-Renee Zellweger confirms her ever-tightening grip on punchline status by getting her marriage annulled after only something like 2 months citing, quite confusingly, "fraud". In the process, Renee loses all forms of eye-sight when her eyelids get stuck while trying to look as squinty as possible.

That was fun.


JavierAG said...

Let me just tell you that I am saving this article in my computer. It's so comprehesive of what was happening last year, you've done a great job.

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