December 29, 2005

The Chronicles of Narnia: Blah Blah

Chronicles of Narnia sucks except for Tilda Swinton (who's always legend) and pretty good final battle sequence. What was with all the low-grade LOTR-ness of it all though? Everything about it from the costumes, sets, cast (other than Tilda), special effects, everything just didn't feel epic or grand at all. And the lighting was so... glum. And that was when we could SEE what was happening (which, i could NOT in several scenes). It was just so... blah. The kids were annoying, it was terrible predictable (I have not read the books) and I can totally see the religious alagory in it all (however, that doesn't bug me as much as the fact that the only major characters who died were the EVIL!!!!! ones). Colour me unimpressed. C. Still, Tilda rocked my socks off.

and for the fun of it (and cause I wrote it on my other blog so all I have to do is cut and paste)

Day of the Triffids (1962, dir. Sekely) - lol, this was sorta alright. Clearly 28 Days Later's makers had watched this before making that excellent movie. There are scenes of almost isolated London AND Paris. Still, there are absolutely bonkers moments (why does he need to go to Spain?) and the triffids themselves are silly. But, still, it was mildly entertaining! C+

Now, to go watch Will & Grace.

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