December 16, 2005

Tom O'Neil

My favourite thing about this article from The Envelope is that at the very top of the page there is a FYC ad for Kyra Sedgewick in The Closer - I hope she wins the Globe. She's so excellent in that greatly underappreciated and underseen show. Yes, it's a detective show but WHAT a detective show. Kyra is so great. Always loved her. I think it stems from loving the movie Heart & Soul as a kid (i still do love it btw). So why didn't she become a huge star?

Now, why did they use that horrible grainy picture of what could possibly be heath and Jake vaguely looking at each other (its not too clear) when they could use these...


Okay. The start of the article itself is sort of annoying.

"Call these the gay Globes — yikes! "Capote," "Transamerica," "Breakfast on Pluto" and "Brokeback Mountain.""

er, Capote and Pluto got a total of 2 noms. TransAmerica got another 2. That's barely anything.

"I'm starting to hear grumblings about people thinking it's too soap opera-ish and that it has too many endings," says Lou Lumenick, film critic of the New York Post. "It's also vulnerable because it's out front so early. Every time you have a front-runner, a backlash of some sort starts to form."

lol, that didn't stop Return of the King.

The most bonkers bit comes here

"Most fascinating about today's Globe nominations was how the foreign press not only failed to acknowledge the artistry of that film — just as I had boldly predicted they would — but how they underscored their outlander status by failing to sense the holy place the Kong legend holds in Yankee lore."

umm... what? I can acknowledge that people thing the film has "artistry" or whatever (i love how he thinks he was being bold by not predicting it. Was I being bold in not predicting it. WHERE'S MY CREDIT, TOM?!) but that last section is just off "the whole "underscored their outlander status". WTF?

I... have no idea.


Can a film producer give Kyra Sedgewick a great role in a movie so she can get Oscar love PLZ!!!!


adam k. said...

What I dislike most about Tom O'Neill is that he doesn't seem to understand or care about the movies themselves very much at all, only the "goldderby." Plus, yeah, articles like this, where he gives himself lots of good ink for "boldly" not predicting King Kong (I am with you, I didn't predict it either).

I mean, I can be shallow and self-congratulatory about awards predicting, too, but at least I don't do it for a living. Whatever.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Yeah I agree. If I get something right that was generally considered a bad choice then I'll toot my horn. But I'm not being read as an industry insider being read by tonnes of people (and tonnes of people who then regurgitate said news as their own).

But I agree on the fact that he doesn't seem to have much passion. I'm sure he loves movies (who could do what he does and NOT) but, yeah, his want and desire to be such an expert I think clouds his vision.

(we're so deep, ya'll)