December 15, 2005

Kung-Fu Hustle (2005,dir. Chow)

I am a big supporter of films that are "style over substance" if the movie isn't TRYING to be a film of substance (which Memoirs of a Geisha appears to be) - i mean, The Cell was one of my favourite films of 2000. But, when it comes to the martial arts genre (of which I am not an expert) sometimes I just want MORE. This movie is so bursting with imagination and spirit, yet it doesn't really lead anywhere except to another big fight sequence. Hmmm. Qui Yuen is great though, as are the production design and cinematography and the special effects. I don't really get how Stephen Chow (writer, director, actor) is one of the worlds greatest comedians. There were some good bits in here, but not a lot of really funny ones.

Oh, and apparently (according to IMDb's trivia page) Chow didn't even direct the two best action sequences. Strange.


Work today was so boring. You'd barely know it was Christmas in 10 days. I have Undertow here to watch before Saturday. It has Jamie Bell and I love Jamie Bell. Jamie Bell was the only one I really wanted to survive in King Kong... mainly cause he was Jamie Bell.

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