December 8, 2005

(Kiss Kiss) Random List (Bang Bang)

Top 5 Most Watched Movies
1. Scream
2. Scream 2
3. Moulin Rouge!
4. The Lion King
5. Jurassic Park

...that was fun

The NBR being postponed is interesting. They're trying to fit all eligable films and performances into their time frame. Good for them. But, us Oscar fanatics remain without a major precurser to get our mouths salivating.

Saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005, dir. Black) today with Mick (he certainly made the movie better, lol). It was really fun! I liked it. Cracker jokes and stand out performances (especially Val Kilmer and Michelle Monohan) made it a great day out. Mick and I got into the cinema a minute late (we were waiting for a third guest but he never showed...?!) and we thought the opening scene was just an ad but no, it turns out it part of the movie and we were like "oh...!" Oh, and it's smart too! I didn't say it was smart earlier, but it is. It is also chaotic, crazy, scatterbrained and a tad over-the-top, but who cares when it's this much fun? "WHO TOUGHT YOU MATHS?" should be a nominee for best individual line reading. B+


Ali said...

Out of curiousity, which do you prefer: Scream or Scream 2? I love both, but I think the sequel is a tiny bit better.

Of course, Scream 3 is off the table, cause it just sucks.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Scream 2! It's in my Top 25 of all time. And Scream is a few places back.

I saw them when I was 14/15 and went through a huge horror thing for a while. I loved them so much (obviously, still do) and I don't appoligise for that.

Scream 3 on the other hand, I do actually like! But not as much. However, I think it's doing a Showgirls. Bare with me here.

I think it's interesting that they decided to conclude the trilogy that satirised horror movies, by satirising their own franchise. Er, make sense?

If you watch the movie as a comedy (ala Showgirls) it is a much better movie. That way the lame deaths and silly twists turn into comedy gold. Much like Gina Gershon seemed like the only one in on the joke in Showgirls, I think Parker Posey was the only one who picked up on it here.

(it helps me remain sain)

Ali said...

I am being needlessly harsh I suppose. I should take your advice and watch it again with the "satirizing" elements in mind. Scream 3 was entertaining enough (I own it, being the completist I am). Some ideas were pretty impressive (such as the return of Syd's Mum and all the "Is she crazy?" stuff that comes along with that, or how the killer makes the story come full circle), but it lacked Kevin Williamson's genius (why didn't they wait for him?).

I mean, how on earth does the killer capture everyones' voices on a little all-too-convenient device? Things like that bothered me...

Anyways, I agree with you that Parker Posey is an absolute riot and was a welcome addition to the cast.

I also went through that phase when I was 15 and was obsessed. But I wasn't as bad as one of my friends, who would call girls and terrorize them in Ghostface's voice. *cough*

Kamikaze Camel said...

lol@that last part.

See, when I first saw Scream 3 in the cinema I was disappointed, but then I got it on DVD (with the box set) and decided that it was MEANT to be a comedy. Like, it helps me imagine that the movie was meant to be like that and wasn't a colossal mistake. Ehren Kruger was the death of me for a while.

Anonymous said...

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