December 8, 2005

Excited much?

Australian film funding continues on it's merry way! Three tv miniseries and a couple of movies. Anything by the creators of SeaChange piques my interest, although Crash/Burn was S.H.I.T.

Bastard Boys could be good, as could The Circuit - mainly cause the Kimberley region is just prime land for eerie mysteries.

I was a much bigger fan of Urban Legend than most (i was, like, 12 at the time so whatev) so Storm Warning (from the same director) could be good. And I don't know what it's about but Hey, Hey, It's Esther BlueBurger has the funniest name I've heard in a while.

Today I hired some movies! The Piano (yay!), the Three Colours trilogy and Straw Dogs. Should be good.

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