December 9, 2005

Is Charlize about to dig her own hole?

There was an article I read the other day about how Charlize Theron is turning into Halle Berry. Now I thought the article was stupidly written, although there were plenty of bits that he was right about. And now it seems that Charlize Theron is about to become, yes - i'm not joking, a bond girl ala Ms Berry.

Now, my thoughts about this are threefold

a) I'm sure she's make a great bond girl
b) Her infamous quote "Note to self. Don't become Halle Berry" (which she denies saying) really is coming true
c) Are the Academy going to reward Ms Theron with another Oscar nomination for North Country when she's signing onto Bond movies like that other recent Oscar winner?

Now, the Academy are fairly smart people (surely) and I think they will realise that Ms Theron does not need another Oscar nomination - she's doing fine with one and the win right now. She's making Bond movies and is one of the top 10 highest paid women in Hollywood. And unless she gets a big upswing at some point (I don't see her getting any pre-cursor awards other than Globes) I think she's out (I did think she was out last month) and won't be back. They may feel they want to reward Joan Allen more. Felicity Huffman more. Hell, Zhang Ziyi more.

Bye Charlize. 'twas nice to have you around this Oscar race but I feel you've done your dash.

(I bought the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack today as well as Antony & The Johnson's I Am A Bird Now. I saw them on Letterman last night and wow - so emotional. Anyway)


adam k. said...

I think Aeon Flux will bury her oscar chances quicker than any Bond movie ever will.

That movie really isn't going to help her prospects at all. I think even a glob nomination now is a tad iffy.

Kamikaze Camel said...

She'll get a globe nod probably out of the fact that the drama actress category is a tad weak and the Globes don't really care about that sort of stuff.

But, yes, Aeon Flux probably has hurt her.

Also, I think, that the studio is for-your-consideration-ing the movie in way more categories than it has any hope in...