December 9, 2005

I just realised

My blog clock is running on (i think) American time. That's so wrong.

And, secondly, I've been marinating (?) an idea in my head the last couple of days. By idea, i mean film idea. As in, an idea for one. Considering I want to eventually become a screenwriter or whatever it would make sense for me to think of things such as that. It's name is Focus about a photographer and her husband. They're happily married. She then receives a note from her husband telling her to go to a certain hotel and enter the room with the key provided. She gets there and finds a video tape...

I won't discuss any further. Partly because I haven't really decided the exact path it's gonna take. But I'll say that there's uber violence! I... don't know if that plot is actually recycled from somewhere. I can't remember it. But, whatever if it is. Hollywood loves recycled idea. it's their version of helping the environment (Leo DiCaprio writes billboards for them)


adam k. said...

Whoa. Memoirs is now at 29%. Ouch.

That's gotta be the worst rating of a best picture hopeful EVER.

Kamikaze Camel said...

that is shockingly low. Horrible. Sony are probably pissed they moved All The King's Men now.

Anonymous said...

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