December 14, 2005

How I Went

I'm gonna see how I went with my predicting for the globes now.

Best Picture, Drama - I scored 3/5 but with my alternate i got 4/5. I correctly predicted Brokeback Mountain, History of Violence and Good Night & Good Luck, with Match Point being an alternate. I didn't see The Constant Gardener coming, but I'm glad it is in there - and to be honest, now that it is indeed nominated, it feels like it really should've been in at least my alternates. I so glad I ditched Memoirs of a Geisha at the last minute. I thought that when the HFPA voted Memoirs would've been the hot tip but they showed remarkable foresight. I also had Munich and Crash in there. Munich... what happened to thee. Crash is slipping from BP contention, but Supporting Actor is look rosier by the minute. (edit: Ebert just named Crash his number 1 film of the year!!!!(!!)

Best Picture, Musical/Comedy - I got 4/5! Woohoo. I had Wallace & Gromit (and Family Stone as alternate) instead of The Squid & the Whale, which the Globes really liked.

Best Director - Well, I got 4 of my 5 predicted men. However, if you include my alternate I still only got 4 from 6. The two I missed were Peter Jackson and Fernando Meirelles (!!!!Oscar, here he comes. I'm so happy for Fernando) for which I had David Cronenberg and James Mangold (as an alternate, but included for number purposes). Interesting.

Best Actor, Drama - I got three from 5, BUT I PREDICTED TERRANCE HOWARD!!!! (somebody give me a parade). Seriously, much like Adam thought Shirley MacLaine was an easy get, I thought the same about Howard. And he got nommed, so I'm happy. I've been predicting him for ages so I'm glad he's back in the hunt and that I never wavered. I missed on Strathairn and Crowe though in favour of Bana and Fiennes, but Strathain was my alternate. So... sorta 4/5!

Best Actor, Musical/Comedy - I had 5 predicted, plus one alternate, so because there were six men nominated I'm using my alternate as a prediction. Make sense? So, out of the 6 I chose, i predicted... 4! That's pretty damn good. I even had Depp for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - seemed like a really easy get to me but I only had it as the alternate because I thought they may pass on him for another year. But, really - everybody seems so shocked by his nomination. It really wasn't shocking at all. I missed on Brosnan (didn't everyone) and Daniels in favour of Heath Ledger and Steve Carrel (who got a TV nomination though).

Best Actress, Drama - I correctly predicted 3/5. Huffman, Paltrow and Theron seemed like easy-as-hell predictions. I however, had Claire Danes and Joan Allen substituted for Zhang Ziyi (who I still love, btw) and Maria Bello, who I didn't even nominate for Supporting Actress (for some unknown reason. I think she slipped my mind). Oh well.

Best Actress, Musical/Comedy - I predicted 4 of these 5. Didn't see Linney (or Squid for that matter) coming this hard (omg, that's so rude!). Good for me though - however, this category was pretty easy.

Best Supporting Actor - Ouch. Indicative of this categories sporadic nature, I only correctly predicted 2 of the 5 men - however, my alterate did make it. I corrected got Hoskins and Dillon while my alternate, Giamatti, ended up on the list. And in a weird turn of events, I actually correctly predicted The Producers would end up with a nod! Just... not the right one. I had Gary Beach instead of Will Ferrell. Geoffrey Rush appeared nowhere.

Best Supporting Actress - Exactly the same as supporting actor. Ouch. I only predicted 2 of these, plus my alternate. I correctly guessed Johansson and Williams (who didn't?) and Rachel Weisz was my alternate. I had Keaton, Thurman and Bullock (my dream - as in that i had while sleeping - didn't bare fruit, oh well). I didn't have MacLaine (but i had Howard in Actor!!omg) or McDormand though. Didn't think McDormand especially would play well with these guys.

Best Foriegn Film - Er, i didn't predict this category cause we can never be sure what movies the HFPA consider. I always figured it was just foreing movies released through the year, and if that's the case i'm not gonna scour BoxOfficeMojo to sift through the 50+ or so foreign titles released every year for five that the HFPA MIGHT choose. Paradise Now, Joyeux Noel and Tsoti looks like solid bets for Oscar nods now, but you never can know, really. HFPA and AMPAS' rarely match.

Best Screenplay - WELL DONE ME. Er, whatever. I correctly guessed 4/5, but the one I missed was my alterate. I had History of Violence over Good Night & Good Luck.

Best Original Score - i scored 3/5 in this odd category. So happy to see Alexandre Desplat nommed, even though I haven't heard the score. I guessed Brokeback, King Kong and Memoirs and I missed on Chronicals of Narnia and Syriana's scores in favour of Cinderella Man and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Best Original Song - I scored 2/5 here, with my alternate sorta making it 3/5. I don't think anyone in their right mind would've predicted that Christmas in Love movie (an Italian romantic comedy that stars a bunch of people I've never heard of, but also includes DANNY DEVITO and RONN MOSS - yes, Ronn Moss (as himself, no less), so...). And I didn't even know Narnia had an original song? I guessed they'd give Elizabethtown and Hustle & Flow a nod. My alternate was TransAmerica. Go Dolly Parton!


I think I did pretty good. Mostly 3/5 or 4/5 with or without my alternates. So... yay for me! I'm gonna do a seperate post now for Roger Ebert's Top 10! Wow.

But, still on the Globes, Dave Poland brought up an absolutelty dumb assed comment on his blog. He asked how come Bennett Miller didn't get nominated? Is it because the 6 men nominated a famous? And my response was thus - the HFPA obviously didn't like Capote that much (only 1 nomination). It even missed on Screenplay, let alone Best Picture and Director. And, since when is Fernando Meirelles famous?


adam k. said...

Well, in all fairness, Mereilles IS more famous than Bennett Miller.

But who the hell expected Miller to be nominated anyway? Geez.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Dave Poland apparently.

Fernando Meirelles may be more famous to people such as us, but really - your average GG watcher wouldn't know Fernando from Bennett.