November 30, 2005

ISA stands for Intelectuals Seeks Audience

The Independent Spirit Awards are baffling. I'm sure the movies nominated are great and all, but it seems odd that they immediately drift towards the bigger "independent" films (Brokeback Mountain, Capote, Good Night & Good Luck) in the bigger categories, but then don't nominate said films in easy get categories. No screenplay or cinematography for Brokeback Mountain? No Supporting Actor for Capote?

But, whatever, I don't really understand this group. They just strike me as a weird awards body who wants to do good by rewarding independant films, but also has come to the realisation that not that many people will watch their awards if they go for the Keanes or the Junebugs of the group.

But I give them props for some things. Obviously, I've seen about 2% of these films at this stage, but I was so happy to see Greg Araki in there for Best Director. Mysterious Ski is a definite Top 5 choice for me, and most likely Top 3. So... yay!

However, it was scary to see Heath Ledger, Phillip Seymour Hoffman AND David Strathain in there for Best Actor. Surely the Academy wouldn't select all three for their line up. And there is also Terrance Howard. Fact. In my last selection of Oscar predictions I had all four of those men.

I have a feeling that ain't gonna happen.