November 30, 2005

I Love New York

So, it turns out my dad is taking me and my brother (whose 25 in March) to New York...!

That's sort of odd because my dad has never been the most "here, have a free trip to a foreign country" type of guy, ya see. He said he would be paying for our airfair (!!!) but obviously we'd need our own money to pay for things such as food and souvineers and places to go. I can easily save up $1500 by then, which would be around $1000 US. Actually, it'd probably be around $1200 considering the exchange rate these days.

But, man, that'd be awesome!

We'd only be going for, like, 6 days. But whatev. I've wanted to visit New York for ages and this will be great cause I won't need to fork over the $2000 airfair.

Who lives in New York City?!

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