November 29, 2005

Cancelled due to Technical Difficulties

Ugh! After 4 weeks of changing the date that Kirby and I were going to see Wolf Creek (Monday? I have to go to enrolment. Tuesday? She has a chiropractic session. Wednesday? I have work. Thursday? I have to go to CentreLink. ugh) we finally decided upon today. And we get there and ask for two student tickets for the film and the guy behind the counter goes "Sorry, but we're cancelling that session due to technical difficulties..."

...our faces sunk.

I'm fairly certain this is some weird fate-like way of telling us we're not meant to see this movie. Buggar.

Anyway, we're gonna go see it at 9.30 now, after I've seen Corpse Bride with Hannah and Georgie at 6.40. Blah. That's so cruel. Crueler than the scenes of torture that the movie undoubtedly includes.


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