September 20, 2007

Vin Diesel Hits New Low

Remember Vin Diesel? The owners of 21 Arms apparently do! Now, I haven't seen The Pacifier, or The Chronicles of Riddick, or A Man Apart, or that movie where he had a really bad wig, but I liked him in stuff like Pitch Black, The Fast and the Furious and even his small role in Saving Private Ryan (he was in it, remember?) but I can be pretty certain when I say he has reached a new low.

I'm sure most of you guys know I write for a street press called Forte writing music reviews and such. Well, today, I was flicking through the latest edition and noticed the following advertisement. The following sad, sorry, desperate advertisement. So, naturally, I scanned it in and am posting it on my blog! Apologies for the dodgy scanning job, but whatever. Until you see Vin Diesel advertised in a newspaper and scan it for the world to see you can't complain.

[Vin grows if you click him]

He's appearing at a nightclub called 21 Arms (appropriate considering his arms are the size of 21 real people) for some random unknown reason - has he reverted back to his old job as a bouncer? But, the worst part of it all is that he isn't even appearing at a Melbourne (ya know, second largest city in Australia) nightclub. No siree. He's appearing at a nightclub in freakin' BALLARAT! The town that takes, effectively, five short minutes to drive through (if the traffic's light) and, from my knowledge - i've been there several times - it's only known features are Sovereign Hill and some flower show they hold there. Oh, and some thing called the Eureka Stockade happened there :P

Anyway. If you are, for whatever reason, a huge Vin Diesel fan (*crickets*) then by all means head on down to 21 Arms on October the 6th (omg seven days before my birthday!) and, er, boogie down(?) Otherwise, mock Vin Diesel for all he's worth. The 'Rat is so lucky.


Anonymous said...

Why would Vin even come to a night club like this when hes been busy wroking on new movies? The so called "Vin Diesel" that you think has hit a new low is just an impersentaor, its not Vin. Besides most of you "journalist" just dont even like Vin in the first place. Jealous much?

daltsy said...

They can't advertise Vin Diesel as appearing there if it is an impersonator. They have to announce that it is an impersonator or they're collecting money off people under false pretenses. That's illegal.
Oh... and Vin Diesel is one of the worst actors I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

you are all just jealous i live in ballarat and its bigger then what you say and it is known for alot of things

Anonymous said...

rest easy guys. it's been cancelled/postponed. weird concept though. does he just stand there for ten minutes looking kind of awkward or do they round up 20 dipshits for him to beat the piss out of while everyone cheers?