September 5, 2007

She's Back, You Fugly Slags!

Tonight is the night. In exactly seven hours Ja'mie King returns to Australian television screens in Summer Heights High, the latest documentary from Chris Lilley. King last appeared on We Can Be Heroes, which followed several Australians who were vying for the title Australian of the Year. In the two years since that documentary ended she has moved up to year 11 and is in a student exchange program with Summer Heights High. The documentary follows Ja'mie as she tries to bring her personal charm to the school. It also follows drama teacher Mr G, star of Tsunamarama - the tale of the Boxing Day tsunami set to the musical beats of Banarama - and Tongan trouble maker Jonah Takalua.

In the meantime let us experience the Ja'mie by viewing some of her finer moments from We Can Be Heroes including her wall of African sponsor kids, her school assembly dance for recognition, fugly lesbians, should make-up be allowed in school, her similarities to Jesus ("I'm a hot Jesus! Jesus was so ugly, seriously!") and her basic general hotness. Enjoy (because you will).


Adem IAR said...

"...set to the music of Bananarama."

This is going to be great.

Americans Are Fugly said...

I've never seen this particular show or performer. I don't find it that funny. I blame America's Boy Shakira. Watching him perform on America's Got Talent has fried my brain. So much so that I don't find Ja'mie King that entertaining.

Kamikaze Camel said...

"americans are fugly"