September 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Bruce!!!

So, if my math skills are any good (which, let's face it, they are not - i didn't do poorly in the subject at maths because I felt like it) then Bruce Springsteen - aka, God - just turned 58! Of course I could be off on my time zone pedantics. Y'all know how much I love The Boss. He's everything a man should be, quite frankly, and he's one of the only male solo musicians that doesn't make me want to either a) take a nap or b) tear my ears off before stabbing their throat. His music just connects to me, whether it be his sombre efforts (albums like Nebraska or Devils & Dust), his big loud rock epics (Born in the USA, The Rising), his soundtack work ("Streets of Philadelphia" from Philadelphia, "Lift Me Up" from Limbo, etc) or albums that seem to mix his styles (Human Touch). I loved the way he was unafraid to embrace things like synths and dancing and Courteney Cox!

Next month Springsteen will release Magic his fifteenth studio album - so that's not including all his many best ofs, live albums like Boss Unplugged or his rarities collections such as Tracks - after Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ (1973), The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle (1973), Born to Run (1975), Darkness on the Edge of Town (1978), The River (1980), Nebraska (1982), Born in the USA (1985), Tunnel of Love (1987), Human Touch (1992), Lucky Town (1992), The Ghost of Tom Joad (1995), The Rising (2002), Devils & Dust (2005) and We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions (2006).

My favourite (and all-time favourite album in general) is Born in the USA) followed by The Rising, Human Touch, Born to Run...? I dunno. Some semblence of a list is hard to create.

Below are just some of my favourite Springsteen songs. There's no way I would include every single song that I've give 5 Stars to on iTunes, so here is but a mere selection. Not all of the songs have video clips ("Lift Me Up" is a soundtrack song and didn't feature a video), but I love them too much to not include. And because this is a film blog (although lately it feels like I'm always talking about music) I've included Bruce's amazing cameo in 2000's High Fidelity. Enjoy if you will and bring on Magic - the tracks I've heard are fan-freakin-tastic. If you're wanting to get into Bruce's music then I suggest getting The Essential Bruce Springsteen (the 3-disc edition if you can) because it's pretty much, as the title says, the essential songs and then start making your way through his entire catalogue. There's an embarassment of riches to be discovered. Happy Birthday to Bruce. I love you. Please tour here soon!

"I'm On Fire", Born in the USA

"Streets of Philadelphia", OST Philadelpia

"Tunnel of Love", Tunnel of Love

"Lonesome Day", The Rising (Live on Letterman)

"Lift Me Up", OST Limbo

"Glory Days", Born in the USA

"Reno", Devils & Dust

Bruce in High Fidelity. Precious.

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