September 23, 2007

Funny Songs

I, unfortunately, had no time to write something significent for Goatdog's William Wyler blog-a-thon and whenever I tried to type something I just had no inspiration (just like the entire last week at the blog, fyi). So, instead, here are some clips from my favourite Wyler film (of the limited few that I have seen) Funny Girl, all performed by Barbra Streisand. I'm not a fan of Babs outside of film, but when she's in front (or even behind) the camera I guess the pink switch just gets flicked big time.

It does amaze me that William Wyler is, as Electronic Cerebrectomy discusses, never particularly hailed as one of the greatest directors of all time who won three Oscars, which a quick glance of his resume would suggest he most definitely is. I guess he was just one of those directors that didn't forge a career in one defining style of films (such as the likes of Hitchcock, Lean, Scorsese have) and instead ran the gamut from epics, musicals, intimate dramas and even dived into GLBT themes (without the use of subtext, ahem) in movies such as The Children's Hour.

Please enjoy these clips from Funny Girl. I know I sure do.

"I'd Rather Be Blue"


"Don't Rain on My Parade"

"My Man"

Check out the rest over at Goatdog. There's some nice entries by people who actually articulate without the use of YouTube clips.

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adam k. said...

My single favorite part of this film is way Babs' head flails about wildly as she spits out "ME and not YOU!!!" during "Don't Rain On My Parade." Divatastic. I NEVER could've pictured that when I first heard the song with my ears only. Just... whoa. I was so smiley upon seeing that.

The rest of the film is great, too.