September 26, 2007


I'm not making a big thing about this, but I am just so glad that Kanye West sold more albums than 50 Cent. Hopefully Fiddy is true to his word and retires from releasing albums because his album Curtis is worst of the year potential. I wrote my review tonight and he's a sample.

On ‘Man Down’ he raps “I told you I’d murder them” over the Scooby Doo theme (I am not joking). ‘I’ll Still Kill’ features Akon boasting “Don’t even look at me wrong when I come through the hood,” before charmingly discussing how he can still kill within the blink of an eye. How gangster of him. On ‘Amusement Park’ he reaches new and unheard of levels of filth.

But, the thing that really made me angry was the album sleeve. There are pictures of:

Fiddy standing on a dirty ghetto door stoop in his finest ghetto flash gear.

Fiddy and (who I believe to be) Akon aiming guns at the readers.

Fiddy eating a hand pistol with a knife and fork.

Fiddy wearing a plaid suit reading the newspaper (?!)

Fiddy smoking a cigar while wearing a white suit.

Fiddy with a near-naked (she's only wearing knickers!) woman wrapped around him in three different positions.

Fiddy with a woman's hand stuck down his boxer shorts, showing off his pubic hair.

I have scanned in two images (opposite each other though) to give you a vague idea of how repulsive it is. Just deplorably grotesque.

Charming, huh?

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