August 20, 2007

Vintage Bruce 2

I was reading today that Bruce Springsteen (aka, God) is giving me an early birthday present! On October 2 he is releasing a BRAND NEW ALBUM! yaaaay! My birthday is October 13, so that works out nicely, thank you Bruce. But, perhaps, even better news is that he is recording (or has recorded it already) with The E Street Band. This will be the first time since The Rising (personally, my second favourite Springsteen record) that he has done so, so that's majorly exciting also.

Several of us here at Y! Music Central were recently treated to an early listen of some new tracks and were especially taken with the guitar-laden rocker "Radio Nowhere," which we can only hope will get on the radio somewhere, if you catch our drift!

What's not majorly exciting is that he is apparently going to be embarking on a tour of America and Europe, but not Australia. I would go to that concert alone if it meant being able to go, but alas I will have to wait another few years to get the opportunity to experience Bruce live. :( I'll just pop in one of the live DVDs I have.

Anyway, today's vintage Bruce clip is actually Bruce performing his Oscar-winning (and perhaps my very favourite Boss song) "Streets of Philadelphia"... AT THE ACADEMY AWARDS! I was so amazed to find this clip (I'm amazed to find any Oscar clips, quite frankly - and there's even a Pedro Almodovar joke from Whoopi Goldberg!). It also has him accepting the award for Best Original Song. I love him so much. He gets a standing ovation! Three Six Mafia don't get no standing ovation! Oh, and there's even funny Whitney Houston. Shocking.


adam k. said...

Aw, cute speech by Bruce. But is it just me, or was he kinda not all there, and on some kind of drug, during his performance? He seemed quite out of it and about to faint, or something.

I love classic oscar clips. There should be more of them. Weird that this song won, cause it's not really big or loud or uplifting or inspirational or any of those things oscar-winning songs usually are. Also, I'd never heard this song before, but heard about it, and imagined it so much in my head that I actually thought I knew what it sounded like, but then it sounded different than what I thought and that made me sad.

Also, did I ever mention I knew Louis Malle's daughter in college, and had classes with her, and never even knew who she was for a long time? She's Candice Bergen's daughter also. Candice Bergen even sat it on my class once, and I had no idea it was her. How surreal.

Kamikaze Camel said...

1. The speech is cute. He thanks them for inviting him to their party.

2. It won because a) it's amazing and b) it's Bruce Springsteen and they love giving Oscars to legendary musicians.

3. "Streets of..." isn't really a song that would allow Bruce to really rock out, neither are the Oscars a place to do it (although it could happen now like performances by Three Six Mafia and the like). It was subdued, I'd say.

4. Candice Bergan and Louis Malle seems like the most random coupling, right? But that's awesome that Candy sat in your class and that Bergan and Malle's daughter went to you school.

5. Have you seen Malle's Lift to the Scaffold? It's a must.