August 30, 2007

Let's All Congratulate Sarah Polley!

Somehow in between her acting commitments, writing and directing Oscar-buzzed Away From Her and avoiding the dentist, awesome Canadian Sarah Polley found time to audition for Australian Idol. She made it into the top 100, and then the top 24 and just five minutes ago she was voted into the top 12! Way to go Sarah. You deserved it!

Also, can Husny and Mark get through in the wildcard round please? Husny because, well, he's Husny and Mark because he will be the only hot contestant. We need one, right?

How was Mark Holdon (of all people) the one person who wanted Husny in the wildcard round at all though? I mean, huh?! Marcia wouldn't even look in his direction when his name was announced. Is Husny another Chanel? I sort of hope so because a) Chanel was awesome and b) was the only contestant to really rub Marcia the wrong way (fuck you Marcia honey girlfriend dahling).

Can we all lead a collective yawn over serial greasy scarf wearer Daniel Mifsud and Dullard McDullard-Buble Carl Riseley? BOOORING! Although Mifsud does get points for listing his favourite album as The Simpsons Sing The Blues. I HAVE THAT CD!

Lastly, let's all mourn the loss of Cheray Doughty from the competition. She didn't even get into the wildcard round! How, when there are six males and two females in the wildcard round, is she not one of them? Crazy. She was super cute and a great singer, too.

Frowny face, indeed.


J.D. said...
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Jacob said...

Perhaps I'm missing some in-joke or well-disguised sarcasm, but there are lots of incorrect names here in this post.

Don't hate me if it turns out I'm missing a really funny joke, mkay?

Kamikaze Camel said...

I got the name of the greasy scarf wearer wrong (which just shows how much I care, but it's changed now) but the "Sarah Polley" thing is merely because she looks so much like Holly Weinert.

rural juror said... that isn't Sarah Polley. Thank God. For a second there I thought, 'Why God why?!'

Scott said...

Glen - I totally enjoyed your joke, and share your pain re Cheray (and then some). Rural Juror both entertains and scares me!

Kamikaze Camel said...

RJ, you're a classic.

TallulahBelle said...

I can not believe I never noticed how like Sarah Polley, Holly Weinert is. Do you suppose if I ask her nicely she'll give me Jake Weber's phone number - because YUM.

Kamikaze Camel said...

PERHAPS! We can all hope, can't we?