August 22, 2007


I've been on a strange late '90s/early '00s tweeny pop rush these last few days (well, in between listening to Sugababes' "About You Now" a million times). Times when songs could be about people sucking on lollipops and being best friends forever and that's what 11-year-olds thought they were actually about (we all know better though, right?) You know the likes - Aqua, Spice Girls and, for the benefit of this entry, Bardot. Bardot were the result of Australia's first series of Popstars (otherwise known as the only successful non-radio venture of Jackie O or a predate to the Idol jugganaut). The result, er Bardot, was made up of Sophie Monk, Katie Underwood and three others nobody gives a hoot about (only Monk and Underwood have Wikipedia pages).

When I say I've been on a Bardot fix I mean I've been on a fix of the two songs of theirs that are entirely amazing - "These Days" (which was remade by American Jennifer Paige, coincidentally) and their classic-no-matter-who-sings-it "I Need Somebody. "These Days" features one of the greatest pop lyrics of all time by the way, which you can hear for yourself at the 1minute 30second mark in the first clip below.

As already mentioned, the only members of Bardot worth giving two scratches about were Sophie Monk and Katie Underwood, the latter of whom dumped the band after the first album. Unfortunately (perhaps), in between being a slightly crazy lesbian (or at least bisexual, right?), getting caught high on drugs by police, appearing on a silly charity version of Charlie's Angels hosted by Ian Thorpe, accidentally (I presume) looking as if she's urinating during an album cover photoshoot (and having said picture appear as the album cover!) and occasionally guesting of quality dance tracks she hasn't done all that much.

Monk, on the other hand released an album (Calendar Girl), released an amazing single ("Get The Music On"), got dumped by her record company and, as always seems to be the way with Australians, decided to try acting. She has since starred in such luminous moving pictures as Date Movie and Click and, just recently, an episode of Entourage with one of my favourite up-and-coming actress, Emma Lung (I heart her). She even appeared in a Good Charlotte video and is now engaged to one of the Madden brothers and, if gossip is to be believed, is best friends with Nicole Ritchie. Umm... woohoo?

Because the "Get The Music On" clip isn't on YouTube I'm giving you the hilarious video for her "Push It" cover, which was used as the advertising campaign earlier this year for, wait for it, a brand of push up bra. It's amazing I tellsya! And also the shittest clip you're likely to see all week. It's a twofer! And there's some Katie Underwood (on a T-Funk track) for good measure.

By the way, the less said about Scandal'us the better, alright!

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