July 12, 2007

Kyra > Julia

Well, in that 1995 romantic comedy Something to Talk About and in things with "Closer" in the title, wouldn't you say? Roberts is good and all in Closer (in fact, she's quite good), but don't you think Kyra Sedgwick in her TV crime show The Closer is very amazing? The second season of The Closer arrived in the main yesterday and it was about bloody time! I think watching the first season for the third time in as many weeks was a bit too much. I just love this show so much.

I'm not too much a fan of procedural crime shows - after a while you can tell where it's going from the opening moments (and I'm sorry CSI fans, but forensic scientists aren't the ones who go out and solve the entire crime, especially interviewing suspects. That's just ludicrous). Even shows like House are like that. But, something about The Closer just reels me in everytime and it's because of the characters more than anything. Kyra's Brenda Leigh Johnson is one of those characters for the history books in my mind. And she is amazing in the role.

I am a fan of puzzle solving. I can't solve them to save my life, but I love seeing others doing it and having all the pieces fall into place and that's just what The Closer is all about. It's the most involving show on TV at the moment along with Heroes, and they both work on completely different levels. (BTW, The Heroes finale? Sort of good, but I think they were going for a Kill Bill, Vol. 2 type of ending, but it just came off as a tad anticlimactic, non?)

I dunno. I've already watched five episodes today. If I go at this pace I'll be done with the entire box set by Sunday.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

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rural juror said...

Freaking genius show....I watch these seasons in 2 days. I can't wait for Holly Hunter's show.