July 3, 2007

Glenn Sez: Mutyamarda and Amerie

Hi guys! I have two music videos to share with you tonight. Two music videos for awesome songs with only so-so videos. I hate that.

The first is the video for the best song of 2007, "Song 4 Mutya" by Groove Armada and Mutya Beuna. Now, being the best single since Girls' Aloud's 2003 hit "Biology" is something to be proud of, and so they have kept up the tradition of having the best song of the year being matched with a sort of naff video. It's alright as videos go, but ever since I first heard this song I had a million video ideas flowing through my mind. None of them were like this.

Also, the quality is kind of shit (it appears to have been ripped off of a streaming Yahoo site). The video does have dancing bunnies, but I was wanting some sort of psyched out funkidelica inspired happy snappy video filled with jets of colour and lots of sunglasses being pulled to the tip of Mutya's nose so that she can roll her eyes for the camera. Alas...

Still, it is the best song of the year, so I guess it has that going for it.

The second video is for Amerie's "Gotta Work". A completely amazing track that blows most current R&B "divas" out of the water (except for Rihanna who is unsurpassable at this stage in terms of awesomeness). The video, alas, isn't that amazing. It looks flash and all but all it is is Amerie with a bunch of anonymous backup dancers doing some movies in various rooms. She wears pleather at one stage, too.

But, if there's on upside, it's that none of the dancers are in bikinis! Or manning powertools! Or performing yogalates! Or conveniently walking near a fire hydrant just as it errupts covering them in water, resulting in their ill-fitting clothes from becoming even tighter and more inappropriate! So, yay for that!

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Anonymous said...

Agreed on the video comments. "Biology" was released in 2005 though, not 2003.