June 11, 2007

Viva Jackman!

So, the following clips come curtosy of Paul in the comments to another entry. These are two preview clips from a new CBS television program called Viva Laughlin. It's yet another American-version-of-a-UK-program, the original being Viva Blackpool, which was kind of really good if you can get your hands on the DVD you could do worse than picking them up. The show is an oddball in that it's set around a casino and features occasional musical numbers. The American version is being produced (right?) by my favourite man Hugh Jackman and he appears in the pilot episode and, most likely, appears sporadically throughout the season whenever he can fit into his packed schedule.

So, below are two preview clips. Another can be found here, but it doesn't involve Hugh so I'm cutting it. Enjoy. You may remember that silver suit popped up in a picture here earlier this year.

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