June 5, 2007


I'm not feeling inspired right now, so here's some links.

The New Yorker has a fabulous article by Jeffrey Eugenides about a longlasting summer movie-going experience. It's not Jaws or Star Wars. It's actually the Australian/British film by Nicolas Roeg, Walkabout that starred a young David Gulpilil. It's a fascinating read. I wish I was that articulate.

Friez.com discusses David Lynch's experimental opus INLAND EMPIRE as well as his future plans (he really likes Poland, apparently). The film has had it's June 21 release date vanquished and is, as far as I can tell, in limbo with Australian distribution. I hate the world. I think it's out on DVD in August in America so I may just have to import it. How incredibly depressing.

[It was here where I did a quick link to Dave Poland's Hostel Part II review, but then it spun out of control in my brain and turned into a blog entry all of it's own. Nice how that stuff happens from time to time.]

The other day The Film Experience linked to the trailer for Neil Jordan's new Jodie Foster-starring film The Brave One. I'm glad Jodie is out of the claustrophic-thriller sub-genre (although I still reckon Panic Room is pretty darn amazing). After a bit of searching I found that the (amazing) song used in in the second half of the the trailer is the (amazing) "Auto Rock" by the (sometimes amazing) Mogwai. I didn't mention him for some reason, but he worked on Clint Mansell's score to The Fountain. And we all know how that one turned out. I just have a feeling about this movie that I'm gonna really like it, even if it's not incredibly well-liked by others. I don't know why I have that hunch, but whatever. Jodie's looking feisty in the image below.

Who knew a Franz Ferdinand remix of an LCD Soundsystem track ("All My Friends") could be so good?!

So, I was having a discussion with The Brother last week about Saw and Hostel (a popular topic these days) and when I mentioned that they were making a Saw 4 he said that it'd be even more pointless than the other movies in the franchise **SPOILERbecause the two villains diedEND SPOILER** I joked that there'd be an evil twin or something. Well, that may or may not be the case. Blah yada etc. The vicious cycle of doom continues.

Does this picture (below) of Will Ferrell and Sasha Baron Cohen freakin' anyone else out? It was from the MTV Movie Awards held last week. It's so... :/ I dunno. Is it good or bad that a gay kiss (as in between two men) has won the Best Kiss category two years in a row? Although, I do have the urge to watch Brokeback Mountain again now. Hmmm....

And lastly, as the deathtoll continues to rise the Victorian train disaster, I send my thoughts out. What a terrible accident. Sad.


Colin said...

Four gay kisses in seven years is pretty awesome, no? The winners in question: Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair (Cruel Intentions); Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott (American Pie 2); Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain); and now Will Ferrell and Sasha Baron Cohen (Talladega Nights). If I'm right, every nominated gay kiss since 2000 has won.

(Cohen and Ferrell's make-out session in this year's award show was quite graphic. Boy, if only Ledger and Gyllenhaal had a similar one last year.)

adam k. said...

Yeah I think the reason Ledger and Gyllenhaal didn't do it is cause it would fuel those rumors that they're ACTUALLY gay. I don't think anyone thinks that about Will & Sacha.

Ali said...

Aw Glenn, that's horrible about Inland Empire... my condolences to you. If you manage to catch it on DVD, make sure you try and recreate a theatre experience as much as you can. Turn the volume waaaaaaay up, and watch it a huge screen (the bigger the better.) And then get ready to be more terrified than you've ever been in your life.

Ali said...

And re: Ledger/Gyllenhaal - agree 100% with Adam. Just look at how awkward both Justin Timberlake and Jake G were at the ceremony, and the former was just presenting the award!

Ack, bad Brokeback memories... moving on.