June 26, 2007

The Hills Have Flashbacks

I watched The Hills Have Eyes Part II last night. That would be the 1985 sequel to the 1977 original, not the 2007 sequel to the original 2006 remake. Make sense? The movie was sort of blithely entertaining - nothing too great, nothing too terible - but it has one very famous scene and that one scene makes the entire movie worth it.


Amongst the returning characters from the first movie is the dog Beast and, yes, in the first 30 minutes or so Beast has a flashback to the first film when he attacked the character of Pluto (one of the mutants). It's probably the single greatest flashback ever. What could they have done in the remakes? A car having a flashback? A tree? The hills themselves? The possibilities are endless!

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Paxton Hernandez said...


But actually dogs do have memory and therefore, flashbacks.

The Hills 2 it's a good flick in a crappy year for horror films.

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